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Supply chain management certificate NQF5


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    Logistics Management is a vital skill for the development of the South African economy that the shortage of skilled logisticians has been listed as a priority area in the SA Governments National Skills Development Strategy.

    This NQF level 5 accredited qualification (higher certificate in logistics management) will give you the necessary skills that so many growing businesses in South Africa so desperately need.

    The successful learner will be proficient at planning, implementing and controlling the dispatch and storage of goods and services. The control of these functions is critical to an effective supply chain that sees products and services arriving in time, on time and at the right place, this is the essence of logistics management.

    Some of the most important modules in the Higher certificate in Logistics management that you will be proficient in once completing the course are:

    Business Communication: The ability to effectively communicate and articulate to both staff and customers is an essential skill for a logistics manager. There simply cannot be any misunderstandings in the supply chain.

    Computer and Digital Literacy: As a vital link in the supply chain, you will be required to disseminate and access critical data for decision making and as our world becomes increasingly reliant on digital platforms, a thorough understanding of the digital and computer processes is a vital skill.

    Business Management 1: An understanding of business management sets you in good stead for both your functions and future study path.

    Transport economics: Part of your job will be to manage the transport logistics which entails making the transport costs as low as possible for the job at hand.

    Financial Management, supply chain management, purchasing management and marketing management.

    The senior certificate in Logistics management is an important course for those wishing to improve their job prospects both within the company or as a prospective employee in a new company.

    As a a trained and experienced logistician you will be able to identify problem areas before they happen and design a solution for the more efficient running of the logistics function within the supply chain.

    Admission requirements

    Minimum grade 12 with at least an E symbol in English first language or D second language

    If you are over 23 years old you may apply through the registrar for exemption.

    How many points is NQF level 5 – NQF level 5 is a higher certificate with 120 points.

    As a logistics and supply chain management certificate graduate you will be an asset to the business with both planning and execution theoretical knowledge. It will be in the companies best interest to allocate a mentor or manager that can help you apply all of the knowledge you have gained. As with any real World application of knowledge, there are situations that arise that require you to make judgement calls and logistics and supply chain management is no different.

    Your accredited logistics and supply chain management certificate will greatly enhance your CV and as soon as you have the practical application knowledge will be in a fantastic position to escalate your career advancement prospects into one of the many areas of logistics and supply chain management.

    This logistics and supply chain management certificate course run by Intec, a part of the Educor Group which operate such brands as Damelin correspondence college and Damelin online to name a few.

    Start a new chapter in your life with a career in logistics and supply chain management that is accredited through a well known and respected educational institution like Intec.