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South Africa has a firm commitment to improve the qualifications of it’s people and most financial institutions offer preferntial student loans to those who show a commitment to improve their skills and make a difference in the country.

Applying for a student loan can be done online through the banks and financial institutions which will be followed up by an interview and the provision of official documentation based on your application for a student done done online. Student loan officers receive your application and asses it based on the information you provide. Some student loan applications are as simple as entering a contact number which will be followed up by a telephone call asking you a number of questions about your education history and current position. Based on the answers to these evaluation questions, a student loan officer will request certain official documentation like your ID document, CV and matric results.

When applying for a student loan always be completely truthful about your financial position, the government has a policy to provide education loans to those who most need it and are unable to afford it themselves with preferential interest rates and repayment periods.

For those who are in a better financial position the ability to afford the student loan repayments is the main criteria and a solid credit record, combined with a regular income and employment history are the factors that will determine your success in applying for a student loan. Before you apply to a bank or other institution offering student loans, check your credit record and if you have previously applied for a student debt consolidation loan, ensure that you have all of the repayment records to back up your ability to repay the loan. It is possible to have more than one student loan as you further your studies and your commitment to furthering your education will be based on the marks you achieved in your previous online courses and the time it took to complete the courses.

Preference is given to students who display a level of commitment and ability and desire to improve themselves. Prepare yourself well for your student loan application and success will be yours.