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A Bachelors degree in Logistics and supply chain management is an increasingly important degree in an increasingly globalized world. Logistics and supply chain management degrees can be obtained online through Universities around the globe from The Unites States and Canada to Europe and South Africa.

Entrance requirements for degree programs from Universities in South Africa and those in other countries vary fairly significantly so prepare you application for the degree programs in supply chain management carefully and in consultation with the University admissions offices.

Your credentials as a qualified practitioner in logistics and supply chain management opens up opportunities in any country around the globe and your knowledge of supply chain will benefit companies by streamlining their supply chain, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

A bachelors degree in Logistics and supply chain management increases your earning potential, significantly making you an integral part of the upper structures of company management. Your skills in supply chain management will give you:

An in depth understanding of the product lifecycle from raw material to consumption.

The ability to analyze and identify areas of opportunity in the supply chain that will increase efficiency and lower costs.

Implement and monitor information management systems that will track every aspect of the supply chain in real time, identifying potential issues before they arise.

Forecast materials needs from raw material requirements to the distribution of the finished products.

Manage cash flows and negotiate favourable terms with suppliers based on forecasting models and company cash flow requirements.

The skills of an experienced and highly effective logistics and supply chain manager are vital to the functioning of companies today and a degree in logistics and supply chain management is your ticket to an energizing career where your skills are appreciated and you are remunerated accordingly.

Start your enquiries of a career in logistics and supply chain management by getting the entry requirements and costs involved to study a degree program in logistics and supply chain management or consider an MBA in supply chain management.