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Like any achievement in life, success in your online course requires you to have a plan and the commitment to follow through. The secret to success in studying online is to constantly remind yourself about the benefits to your future and your goals for your life that the successful completion of your online course will give you.

This is possibly the most important factor for any form of online study course, it has been proven that when the outcome of your online course is associated with future goals, what you learn will become imbedded in your long term memory. If on the other hand you focus your attention on simply passing the exam or online study program module without the right association, the information becomes part of your short term memory.

The steps to success with your online course:

1. Mentally prepare yourself for the course by answering the question, “how will completing this online course benefit me in the future?”

2. Hold the answer front and centre whenever you start to study. You will find that with the goal of success for a reason, your online course study material will take on a new significance and your ability to retain the information and recall the information you are learning will be that much easier.

3. Prepare a study plan for your online course and do not waiver from the commitment to complete the module you have undertaken to complete in that study session. This becomes a lot easier when you start your study session with point 2 clear in your mind.

4. If you do not understand something, call the call centre and speak to a tutor. You are not alone when undertaking online course, there are tutors and mentors available to you. (If you are required to send a question by email to a tutor, describe what you DO understand and ask the question specifically) Online courses are designed for self study but do have teachers and mentors.

5. Your online course, like any form of study is best done a little every day. This will put you in a good routine and with your goals in mind your daily online study sessions will something to look forward to.

If you follow these steps and remind yourself WHY you are doing the online course and concentrate on the answer before you start your online course, two things will happen.

1. You will approach your online course with purpose and a clear goal.

2. Your success is assured.

Improve your skills and add to your employability with online studying.