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Whether you choose to study a logistics and supply chain management degree or diploma, the course material and overall understanding of the supply chain, how to forecast, how to negotiate favorable contracts, how to identify areas in the supply chain that need efficiency models and how best to adapt the supply chain to the current environment will be similar in most aspects, however, a diploma in logistics and supply chain management is a much shorter and far less demanding course that is often favoured by people already working in the supply chain.

A diploma course can be completed online at Intec or one of the International colleges or Universities and in some cases the diploma course could be used as credit toward a degree in logistics and supply chain management. If a degree is your ultimate goal we would recommend that you carefully consider the Colleges in the UK or USA that offer diploma courses and check with the faculty which credits from which Colleges or Universities offering the diploma courses can be used as credits towards a supply chain degree.

The supply chain methodologies and processes change very rapidly and these changes will only speed up exponentially as the importance of the supply chain in an increasingly global business environment become more important. Check with the University or college how long the diploma course credits are valid before you decide which course to take.

With Online Education being such a prominent part of education today it is possible to study at any of the Worlds leading Universities, so apply to Universities or Colleges around the World that offer Accredited and well accepted Courses including the South African institutions.

A supply chain diploma offers companies the ability to advance employees to management positions a lot quicker while there is a shortage of qualified supply chain managers holding degrees or diplomas and your knowledge and expertise in the effective and efficient running of the supply chain will be handsomely rewarded. Supply chain careers offer fast track advancement opportunities in most international organisations with the top management and Directors often holding qualifications in supply chain.

Take the first step, weigh up your options from colleges both locally and abroad to study supply chain management online and enjoy a fulfilling career and lifestyle that a qualified logistics and supply chain manager deserves.

Applying for a loan to study logistics and supply chain management are available for qualifying students.