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The Logistics and supply chain management courses are broken down into study sessions, each with a number of lessons. You will be provided with reading material as well as any prescribed reading and full instructions on how to complete the tasks with questions and answers on the core competencies required after completing each lesson.

Self assessment questions will be provided at the end of each lesson with example answers. Your answers should be similar to those provided and convey the same meaning. Once you are satisfied that you understand what is required of you in the lesson, there is an assignment that needs to be submitted for marking.

Throughout your online course in Logistics and supply chain management and with each session, you will see the following.

Prescribed reading

This reading must be done without exception and should be read before your begin working through the lessons.

Learning outcomes

These are what you should have learned during the sessions and are essential before moving on to the next lesson or session.

Case studies.

You will be presented with case studies and exercises to complete based on the case studies throughout the corse. It is your responsibility to keep your activity notes, which you will use for future reference. No one will check that you have completed all of the required assignments unless it is required to be submitted for marking.

Self assessment

Self assessment questions are not to be submitted for marking. They are to enable you to assess your own competency and understanding of the course material.


These are assignments that need to be submitted for marking and should not be attempted until you are satisfied that you understand the course material very well.

In essence, studying online has both advantages and disadvantages but with a dedicated approach any learner that passes the course will not only have improved his education and employment status, but will have learned important self discipline lessons.

“Great reward comes with great sacrifice”

Thoroughly study the prescribed lessons before tackling any activity, self-assessment and particularly any assignment. You should devote sufficient time to your studies
every week to complete the readings and self-assessment questions and other activities. Consider the time that you use to improve your knowledge and understanding of the subjects as an investment in your future and not a chore.
Remember that what you put into the course is what you get out at the end.