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Logistics and supply chain diploma

The Diploma in Logistics and supply chain management is an accredited diploma course with accreditation by the council on Higher education and is a NQF level 6 qualification. The admission requirement are to a certain extent flexible so please complete the form for full details.

Diploma in Logistics and supply chain management admission requirements

1. National senior certificate or equivalent


English first or second language with at least a 40% mark.


Mathematics with a minimum 40% mark or 60% for mathematics literacy


Be accepted for a bachelors degree minimum requirements.

2. An NQF level 6 diploma in similar studies (send information via the form for verification)

If you matricultaed before 2008

Senior certificate with English as a subject achieving at least 40%


At least 50% for mathematics on standard grade or 40% in mathematics on higher grade.

This Diploma course is offered and promoted by the Institute for logistics management who recognise the tremendous shortage of suitable qualified people in the field of logistics and supply chain management. The course is designed through consultation with industry stake holders to produce qualified individuals who will be in a position to take up employment in these highly demanding jobs.

With this qualification, you will be sure that you posses the skills required by business to do the job and not simply hold a qualification. You will be able to enter any interview with complete confidence in the knowledge you hold and the ability to add value to the organisation your are interviewing with.

You will be proficient in the following areas relevent to your area of expertise:

  • Business management
  • Economics
  • Business statistics
  • Logistics management
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement management
  • Transport economics
  • Marketing management
  • Business research
  • Financial management
  • Project management
  • Reasearch and systems

Each of these areas is critical for a Logistics and supply chain manager to operate effectively and add value to the organization.

Costs vary on the methedology selection: Please complete the form for fee structures.

Course duration: 3-5 years

Course delivery method: Blended (this includes both face to face time as well as distance learning which allows for maximum flexibility for those currently employed.

The course must be completed within the maximum 5 year period, after which re-registration will be required.