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supply-chain-managementSupply chain management encompasses many different disciplines from the source material, to purchasing and warehousing, all the way through to the delivery or presentation of the product to the consumer.

Supply chain management courses will give a holistic overview and understanding of the entire supply chain which is ideal for management to get a grip on the complexities involved in managing and optimizing their specific supply chain in order to give their business a competitive advantage. In some cases, selecting a single area of the supply chain and ensuring that it runs optimally will give the desired effect but understanding how implementing a change or changes in one area of the supply chain impacts on every other area of the supply chain is the critical factor. It is very seldom that inefficiencies in one area of the supply chain can be optimized or improved without it having an impact on other areas of the supply chain.

Each part of the supply chain needs a specialist to monitor, plan and report on it’s efficiency to senior management. Supply chain management courses that are available as specialist courses you will find below. Each specialist supply chain course will also give an overview and understanding of the entire supply chain.

  • Purchasing management
  • Transport management
  • Product sourcing/ materials sourcing
  • Warehouse and storage management (perishables etc)
  • Logistics management

A Certificate/Diploma or Degree in Supply chain management are what we recommend as a holistic overview of the Supply chain and are very good for management candidates.

Certificate in Logistics and supply chain management

Diploma in Logistics and supply chain management

BBA Logistics and supply chain management

These are a few examples of the specialist areas of the supply chain but is by no means comprehensive and is simply meant to give an idea of the areas where management in the supply chain is required. Each supply chain will be different to a certain extent and require a different area of specialization.

Supply chain management is a career choice that offers you tremendous growth potential and for those that study specialist areas of the supply chain to continue to study and gain as many certificates/diplomas as possible to become a proficient supply chain management expert.

We see more and more that senior management at CEO and COO level have had extensive experience throughout the supply chain. An experienced supply chain manager has no ceiling on his/her salary and is a hot commodity in the human resource field.