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Attending a college or University to study a supply chain management diploma course is an essential next step for those wishing to move up to management level from any position in the supply chain and with renewed interest in Africa as a trading partner with the rest of the World, qualified managers with a recognised supply chain management diploma will be in great demand.

A supply chain management diploma, whether you study online or at a college gives you the skills and knowledge to work effectively in any area of the supply chain with the added advantage of have supply chain management skills and the chances to become a senior supply chain manager are vastly improved. As interest in Africa as a trading partner intensifies so will the need for good supply chain management skills. To give you an example of the level of investment in Africa that is going on and as inspiration for you to study a supply chain management diploma, China has this week increased their lending into Africa on a partnership and co-operation basis from $10 billion to an estimated $39 billion saying that $10 billion was simply not enough.

The major areas of interest are infrastructure upgrades and construction meaning that $billions of goods and services are entering the African countries supply chain and the flow of these goods and services need management. The right people to efficiently manage the flow of these materials are supply chain managers and anyone with an accredited supply chain management diploma that is capable and experienced will be snapped up by the supply chain executives from the investing countries.

China has arguably the most efficient supply chain in the world and any opportunity for you with a supply chain management diploma offered by a Chinese company will stand you in good stead as a future senior supply chain manager.

Supply chain management diplomas are the surgeons of the supply chain world, ensuring that the arteries are clear and deliver the right goods at the right time in the right place. Study a supply chain management diploma for a secure, fulfilling career as a supply chain manager.