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BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management


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    logisticianBBA Logistics and Supply Chain

    A BBA (Bachelor of business administration) Logistics and supply chain management is designed for those wishing to reach the pinnacle of a career in Logistics and supply chain management, allowing your management skills and abilities to increase effectiveness, lower costs and direct the management in the supply chain to operational excellence.

    The bachelor of business administration degree logistics and supply chain management prepares students for leadership roles. Whether you are looking to start a career, increase you promotion prospects or simply want a more challenging career in the supply chain, the BBA Logistics and supply chain management will set you on a course for leadership roles within any organization.

    The supply chain offers companies the opportunity to become more competitive, reduce costs and improve customer service levels. At each juncture in the supply chain, a small improvement filters through the entire chain to result in potentially huge savings or improved service levels, which in turn provides the company with a competitive advantage.

    In order to fully understand, plan and implement changes in the supply chain, a professional with the knowledge, skill and leadership abilities to implement, follow through on, and track the effectiveness of the change, a BBA logistics and supply chain management is essential. The qualification is very highly regarded in business today and is arguably one of the most important qualifications in a business environment that is exceptionally competitive.

    The BBA logistics and supply chain management also offers successful candidates the ability to enter MBA programs and in some circumstances, a 12 month MBA program.

    In short, if you are looking for a career that offers you the opportunity to fast track you to senior management, the BBA logistics and supply chain management is the degree of choice. It not only prepares you for leadership and management roles, but offers a complete understanding of the supply chain, provides the tools required to determine opportunities for improvement in the supply and the necessary skills to implement the desired changes.

    If you are unsure of whether Logistics and Supply chain are for you, consider a certificate or diploma course in Logistics and supply chain management in order to get a holistic view of the profession. You may well find that planning, analysis or negotiation are your real strengths, allowing you to specialise in those aspects of the supply chain.