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Logistics manager Salary scale update

2016 – Starting salaries for newly qualified employees R120 000 – R140 000

2016 – Top end pay scale R600 000

2017/2018 – Starting salaries remained very similar to 2016 at R12 000 to R150 000

2017/2018 – Top end salaries R720 000

A logistics manager is responsible for the storage of goods and the arrangement of the distribution of these goods to the relevant departments in time on time.

It is the responsibility of the logistics manager to monitor the requirements of the recipients and ensure that all of the necessary arrangements to ensure the smooth running of the operation are met. If for example, any department runs out of raw material, this can have a dramatic effect on the entire supply chain. Typically the product/part of the process that runs out needs to pass their finished part on to the next division in order to get the process completed and end up with a finished product.

As you can imagine, the job of a logistics and distribution manager is a critical position in the supply chain and as such demands a very good salary.

An idea of the functions and responsibilities of a logistics manager and distribution manager:

  1. To monitor stock levels, ensuring that every part of the supply chain has the materials they need.
  2. Monitor ordering to ensure that stock levels are kept at optimal levels
  3. Manage and evaluate staff functions in the supply chain
  4. Analysing performance of the different parts of the supply chain to find inefficiencies and to improve on these

These are an idea of the duties and responsibilities of a logistics manager which would be maintained and evaluated using IT systems in the organization.

There are numerous other potential responsibilities which would include planning, staff evaluation and many ofther functions, depending on the nature of the business you are working in and the size of the business.


Logistics managers in South Africa have an average salary of over R300 000/annum with the low end being at R120 000 and the high end being over the R600 000 mark with opportunities for bonuses, commissions and other incentives as your skills and competencies improve.

As a logistics manager your working environment will vary from being office bound to the factory floor and visiting suppliers and customers at their offices. Logistics management is for people who have a desire to move forward, have the desire to be engaged and challenged all day every day, have a desire for knowlede in an ever changing and developing working environment, can think quickly and make decisions on the fly but most of all, have the ability to accept responsibility and the courage to make decisions.

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