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As the World and the business environments around the World evolve, you need to be sure that you are going to study something that is a growing career sector, not a dying sector.

Your career choice needs to be well thought through and there is plenty of information out there on what sectors have a shortage of suitably qualified individuals to meet the demands of the business World.

Among the fastest growing career prospects for the next 5 years, the expected career choices such as nursing, in a world where people are living longer, populations are exploding and conflict areas are growing, nursing is always in demand.

Another area that has been showing tremendous growth year after year and will continue you do so in 2016 and the foreseeable future is software engineering. As the World continues to rely more and more on technology, there will always be a need for talented software engineers.

Biomedical engineers are also in demand in the foreseeable future. There is a constant need for stronger, more effective drugs to combat disease.

Any Math qualification like Mathematicians, statisticians, Actuarial sciences etc are tremendously sought after. The areas of business that rely on mathematical modelling and forecasting is endless and Mathematicians in the various fields demand very high salaries.

Now, these are all very well as careers but the newer categories of career choice that are growing at a tremendous rate are as a result of technologically driven economies and the most important of these is the management of the Supply chain.

Logistics and supply chain management qualifications and add on courses are becoming so sought after that the Institute of Logistics and supply chain management, through their accredited learning institutions, OLG (open learning group), after consultation with businesses in the various industries, have put together 3 courses that business has indicated there is a shortage of skilled personnel.

These course offer the candidates an opportunity to study part time if they already have jobs. As so often occurs in new business practices, the people already involved, take on the responsibilities as they occur but need to upskill and start managing the supply chain effectively.