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Purchasing Management is becoming more and more important in the supply chain as business becomes increasingly global where qualified purchasing managers have become a vital to companies in increasingly competitive market places. A purchasing manager would typically head a team of buyers or be a senior buyer in a department responsible for approving the acquisition of goods and services.

Sourcing components, raw materials etc at the right price, from suppliers who can deliver on time at the right price is a specialist field in global markets where suppliers could be from India, China, USA or any other part of the World.

Work opportunities are not limited to any particular industry but Mining and manufacturing of any type are more likely to need a professional purchasing manager than service businesses. Purchasing is an integral and vital part of the supply chain that should not be overlooked by HR.


In most businesses, they need purchasing managers and purchasing management team to handle the processes and technology involved in the collection, renovation, manufacturing and distribution of goods within a particular organization. Purchasing consists of sourcing, buying and distribution of raw materials and services that a specific company requires in order to manufacture and manage the business to gain profit out of the goods and services delivered.

In this case, it is vital that a company has its purchasing department to handle everything that concerns business management. They support the company’s supply chain distribution and supply system for a profitable business. The purchasing management team also examines and appraises the different suppliers according to their credibility, availability, price and many other aspects. They are responsible for monitoring and regulating every activity that happens within the supply chain. All of those are a consideration in the whole purchasing process.

When trouble occurred in the chain process, the company’s profit and reputation are affected. This is why there is a need for proper purchasing management in any business. One of the ground rules of purchasing is buying goods at the most competitive rate to provide the company with the best profit. In the process, the purchasing department controls the product inventory and logistics management and other related responsibilities that they should perform for the benefit of the company. To get the best price out of purchasing goods or products, they consider raw materials suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and other varied factors. It is necessary that the processes involved in the purchasing are in accordance to the supply chain process. This is to prevent any mishap in the company in the long run.

In any company, there should be a strong understanding of what a good purchasing management really entails. It involves set of rules and procedures in the day-to-day purchases. There must be restrictions in the purchase demands and the purchase usage within the supply chain process. With that, purchase orders should be settled directly with a fixed supplier. On the other hand, purchase requisitions are commonly upraised by group of individuals outside the purchasing department. When there is a need for a specific goods or product for preservation and other for other purposes, that is the time there is a need for a well-planned purchase requisitions.

Overall, the purchasing department will take care of the responsibilities to make the company more profitable in the industry. They are entrusted for the job because they are capable of handling it in the best way. However, in the changing markets of today, anything can go wrong during the process. But what’s important is we know how to survive to these challenges in getting us to a higher level of success.