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The Logistics and supply chain management diploma consists of 8 subjects and assignments that must be completed. The Diploma course should take 24 months to complete and upon successful completion you will receive an accredited diploma in Logistics and supply chain management. Below is an overview of the subjects which will give you a good idea of the skills and competencies that you will master with this diploma course.

This summary gives a very brief overview of the subjects. For a more detailed explanation of the course, the subject material and the qualification, please contact us at the number above quoting the reference number or Contact us and we will call you.

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Logistics and supply chain management course overview

  • 1: Supply Chain Management
    Introduction and understanding of the role of supply chain management in todays business world.
  • 2: Logistics Environmental Analysis

    Benchmarking, management and the Key success factors for effective supply chain management integration.
  • 3: Forecasting & Demand Management

    Forecasting, it’s importance and implementation techniques. Forecasting impacts on the supply chain.
  • 4: Creating a Competitive Advantage

    Supply Chain structures, processes and management components. Supply chain efficiency and how to improve it.
  • 5: Operation and Facility Design

    Warehousing efficiency, structures, management and operations. Facility design, location and facility efficiency.
  • 6: Procurement and Packaging

    Purchasing and sourcing, functions and processes. Understanding consumer and organisational purchasing behaviour.
  • 7: Transportation

    Transportation and terminal facilities. In transit product care, the types and costs of transportation methods in the supply chain.
  • 8: Logistics Investment Recovery

    Inventory and management, carrying costs, absorption costs, inventory procurement and the strategic decion making processes.

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