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Logistics consultants services, through the provision of cost effective strategies in warehouse design, materials handling processes and procedures, distribution optimization and the preparation of supply chain strategies, reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve productivity along the entire supply chain.

The consultative process of Logistics consultants identifies both the strengths and weaknesses in the logistics and supply chain processes. A logistics strategy is formulated to take advantage of the strengths in the supply chain and improve the inefficient and costly areas.

Logistics consultants will prepare the logistics strategy and oversee the implementation of the strategy down to the smallest details. Some of the areas looked at when determining the best strategy for your business are:

Warehouse management

Warehousing redesign and layout optimization is a key area that is often looked at by logistics consultants to improve the flow of both information and products or raw materials through the warehouse. Warehouse management system software is in most cases causing delays in the flow of information, and with the deployment of effective and creative warehouse management systems, dramatically improves costs and efficiencies.

Materials handling

Once the processes within the warehouse have been refined and the information flow corrected, the handling and picking processes are looked at in order to determine the quickest and most cost effective way to get the products to the customers. The transport logistics and current partners will be looked at by the logistics consultants and evaluated according to a strict set of measurable deliverables.

The ability of partners in the supply chain to integrate their information systems into the strategy and plan provided by the logistics consultants is a crucial and often difficult exercise for management where there have been longstanding relationships. The logistics consultant has been charged with improving efficiencies and processes in order to maximise profits and reduce costs, this is his sole aim.