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Your education is the most important part of your life in a World where qualifications are becoming increasingly important in the workplace so whatever you do, don’t stop studying simply because financial pressure is making it difficult to concentrate. There are financing options available to students who wish to complete their studies of which student financial aid directly from your University is but one of the student education financing options available to you.

The South African Government is committed to student advancement and provides student financial aid to those that need it most by offering study loans at extremely low interest rates to qualifying students. In order to qualify for student financial aid you will need to make an appointment with the financial aid officer at your University and get the qualification criteria. The criteria vary from University to University but the general rule is that your marks need to show promise and be above the average, that you and your family have little prospect of being able to afford the education costs and that you are a committed student.

It is always worth making a student financial aid application but fear not if you are turned down, there are various companies and financial institutions that will give student loans with very favorable repayment terms. The important thing to remember is that the prospect of your completing your degree or course in the stipulated time with marks that are higher than the average are a very good indicator that will help with your student consolidation loan or financial aid application. Of course a lender, be it a bank or a company want to be very sure that you will be in a position to repay the loan after you have graduated, and for this reason it is often a very good tactic to approach the companies that you are likely to work for once graduated. The student financial aid offered by companies would be secured by you working for that company for a number of months or years after graduation at either a predetermined salary which would include a recoverable amount or with a straight forward loan repayment agreement as a deduction from your salary.

Companies are generally looking for the brightest minds and the better your marks and the better your motivation that accompanies your loan application, the better your chances of success. Hard work and achievement is an important thing as are commitment and passion for what you are studying. Motivate your financial aid application not only with your financial circumstances but with passion that indicates your commitment to your industry and the company your applying to.
Strategy is as important as your marks, get your student financial aid application or student loan application to the right person, at the right time with the right motivation and your chances of success are dramatically higher than everyone else’s.