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South Africa’s youth have a student loan and financial Aid scheme available to them which is unlike any other, anywhere in the World of Student financial aid and education loan schemes.

The National student Financial Aid Scheme offers previously disadvantaged students the ability to loan money for education purposes and only start repaying the loan when they are gainfully employed. This is one example of the world first in education loans. The second is the ability to convert to student loan into a bursary by performing well in your studies. The SA Government is totally committed to improving the level of education across the board in SA and if you attend class, study hard and produce above average results, your student loan could be converted into a bursary. This is a second World first for education loans.

The Financial Aid scheme in South Africa relies on both Government funding as well as funding from Local and International businesses, manages funds on behalf of organisations and provides a level of funding which includes not only tuition fees but living expenses during your studies. Applying for a student loan is made easy through offices at most Higher learning institutions and Universities around the country.

Possible the most incredible part of getting a student loan with the Student financial aid scheme is that you only start repaying your loan once you are earning over R30 000 per year and the repayment amount will be between 3% and 8% depending on how much you are earning. This again is a world first for Student loans.