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A fleet of Vehicles is an extremely costly part of any business to maintain which comes with a lot of issues for any company. Fleet management is an exciting and critical function in companies where costs can easily get out of control which often results in companies opting for an outsourced fleet management solution.

Some pof South Africa’s largest companies offer fleet management services like, Imperial Fleet management, CAT and many others. The opportunities for employees with fleet management qualifications are extremely sought after in both the fleet management industry as well as companies that operate their own fleet of vehicles and can include Transport and shipping companies, crane hire companies or large corporates that have a fleet of vehicles.

Among the many disciplines you will become proficient in are the effective management of vehicles and the services required to maintain the value of the companies investment in their fleet and equipment.

Consider for a moment the value of trucks and crane trucks to a crane hire company where the vehicles are rented out on a daily basis anywhere from R3 000 to R60 000 per day. The loss of 3 days work due to the vehicle not being in service is astronomical. This is a good example of the responsibilities of a fleet management expert, ensuring that all vehicles and equipment in the fleet are serviced and maintained on time, every time, that vehicles in need of repairs are dealt with in the most efficient manner reducing the number of days it is out of service.

What is also a very important part of a fleet managers job is the monitoring of fuel usage, tool inventory and the tracking and planning of routes to optimize the usage of the vehicle.

A fleet manager would generally report to the financial director.