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Still wondering whether logistics and supply chain management is the career for you?

If a career that will place you in a position where promotion is your key driver, logistics and supply chain management is for you.

If a fast paced working environment with high levels of responsibility and accountability are not what you seek, logistics and supply chain management is not for you.

Funding your studies can be done in a number of even if you already have existing student loans through Loan Consolidation.

A Diploma in Logistics and supply chain management. Diploma courses are offered both online and as full time study.

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Studying online

Consider a Degree in Logistics and supply chain management

MBA in Logistics and supply chain management, (now also being offered by the GIBS institute)

Online Masters degree in Logistics

Logistics in South Africa is responsible for between 13% and 15% of Gross GDP and any further increase will make it extremely difficult for South African companies to remain competitive.

The supply chain is arguably the most important aspect of every business’ operations and an efficient supply chain has the ability to:

1. Offset cost increases

Many companies are currently facing a carbon tax which needs to be offset by saving money and the supply chain is the natural choice. By improving efficiencies, using suppliers that are actively reducing their carbon footprints and better management of transport assets are the responsibilty of the Supply chain manager.

While governments and policy makers sit around tables argueing about where to offset these costs, you as the supply chain manager need to deal with it here and now.

2. Increase shareholder returns

Huge amounts of money and goodwill are invested in assets and services to ensure that goods arrive on time, in the right place at the right price and it is these services which play a large role in developing and maintaining customer loyalty. As a logistics and supply chain manager, these are your responsibilities.

This is but a small introduction to the types of issues and pressures that a supply chain manager needs to deal with, giving you an indication of the importance of the field of logistics and supply chain management.

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