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The selection of online colleges, universities and home learning institutions available to South African students is not limited to those in South Africa but extends to all colleges and universities across the globe.

When selecting the online college or University for home learning it is important to check the accreditation of the course, diploma or degree that you wish to study. Accreditation is possibly the single most important factor when selecting which online colleges to submit your application to.

Universities and degree programs from recognised Universities are a safe place to apply to as the vast majority of online University degrees will be recognised around the world. Online colleges and other online course providers may not have the necessary accreditation for the program you wish to study.

INTEC offers many accredited online courses that can in fact serve as part credit towards a degree program and is an excellent place to investigate furthering your studies online due to their wide range of courses on offer, from Logistics and supply chain management courses to child day care courses.

UNISA is a well respected online university that offers a range of online degree programs that can be done through home learning. UNISA is the oldest University in Africa offering respected online degree programs across the board from Finance and law to agriculture.

Boston College is another prolific college that offers online courses as well as campus based colleges.

International Online colleges and Universities and numerous with some of the better know and respected online Universities being:

University of Phoenix, North-western University, Liverpool University and Leicester University. This is just a very small indication of the Online Universities available. The simple fact that the online colleges and universities available are so numerous, it is imperative to research the course or degree accreditation.

Before you decide to apply to an online college be sure that you are prepared and understand the level of commitment that is required to achieve success with home learning by reading the guide to success with online learning. Home learning takes commitment and planning, total dedication to success and a strong desire to achieve.

Online college or University degrees can be expensive undertakings depending on the online college you choose to attend and the online degree you select.

Be prepared to sacrifice a lot of time in your dedication to achieve an online qualification and success will be yours. Student loans or loan consolidation is available for students studying online.