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Master degrees with specialization in supply chain are offered by online Universities like Liverpool University as specialist MSC qualifications in supply chain management.

Specialist Online MSC degrees in supply chain management that are accredited by The chartered institute of management and supply offered by Liverpool University include the following.

Master of Science in Operations and Supply Chain Management

This MSC was designed by leading research groups in the UK and is offered as an online MSC with the emphasis on understanding the processes and techniques involved in the development of operations strategy, managing these operations and the monitoring of the effectivesness on the supply chain.

The global supply chain requires managers to be constantly adapt to the changing global business environment and use best practise to improve efficiencies in the supply chain.

There is direct online interaction with managers from around the globe, gicing you a first hand experience of the challenges facing different countries.

Master of Science in Operations and Supply Chain Management (Oil and Gas)

The global oil and gas supply chain is arguably the most important supply in the world today. Understanding the economics of the oil and gas industry, economic concepts, tools, definitions and acceptable practices of the international energy markets are the key areas that the successful student will understand.

Master of Science in Operations and Supply Chain Management (Procurement and Sourcing)

The movement of goods and services in the supply chain is vital to profitability and the procurement and sourcing MSC is among the most sought after MSC degrees in business today.

Providing shareholder value often rests on the shoulders of senior supply chain management and a thorough understanding and ability to implement and monitor strategy is a key competency you will achieve with this post graduate degree.

Never before in the history of business has it been as important to manage costs and have control over the supply chain. Qualified post graduates with MSC in supply chain qualifications are sought after by the worlds largets and most successful organizations enabling you to work in which ever country you choose at a very high earning level. get your MSC from an online university like Liverpool University.