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The CSCP programme is a new industry educational certification programme that has been created to meet the rapidly changing needs of the supply chain professional. This programme was launched in 2005 and since then 6500 CSCP’s have achieved their designation globally.

The CSCP programme takes a broad view of the supply chain management field extending beyond internal operations to encompass all the steps throughout the supply chain – from supplier, through the company to the end consumer. The CSCP provides you with the knowledge to effectively manage the integration of these activities to maximize a company’s value chain.

Who Should pursue the CSCP Designation?

The CSCP programme will assist you in advancing your career while giving you the foundation to improve your company’s competitive position and profitability. The CSCP programme is for professionals in operations and supply chain management. The

CSCP designate is ideal for you if you are:

  • Interested in gaining more depth of knowledge and understanding in areas of the supplier and customer relations, international trade, the use of information technology to enable the supply chain and physical logistics.
  • A professional who is consulting or teaching supply chain functions
  • Working with Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Benefits of the CSCP Programme

Certified operations management professionals bring value to their companies with a body of knowledge that:

  • • Optimizes inventory investment
  • • Delivers Just-in-Time products and services
  • • Streamlines operations through accurate forecasting
  • • Sets and achieves goals
  • • Manages all aspects of the supply chain
  • • Maximizes Return On Investment on systems and technologies

CSCP is comprised of four domains:

  • Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
  • • Overview of Supply Chain Management
  • • Aligning Supply chain management with corporate strategy
  • • Managing the supply chain
  • • Continuous improvement
  • Building a Competitive Infrastructure
  • • Demand Planning
  • • Product design and considerations
  • • Manufacturing Planning and Controlling
  • • Logistics
  • Managing Customer and Supplier Relationships
  • • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
  • • Keys to effective Relationship Management
  • • Integrated Customer/supplier relationship management

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