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supply chain successMost Business executives and Human resource professionals have one thing in common. Qualified supply chain talent is in short supply which leaves a gaping hole in their management structure with uncertainty surrounding the ability of their staff to perform well in the supply chain in order to gain the competitive advantage they need in a business environment that is becoming increasingly competitive in both the local and Global Markets.

Part of the reason for the shrinkage in suitably qualified supply chain managers is that Logistics and supply chain courses have not been seen by current students offering career opportunities that fit their future plans. This environment offers those who are committed to furthering their careers a fantastic opportunity to leapfrog those with little or no inclination to excel in the demanding world of the supply chain. All too often we see graduates with Bcom degrees, engineering degrees and even Masters degrees battling to find work due for the most part to the generality of their qualifications and the numbers of graduates universities are churning out with no particular future plan in mind.

The fact is that future senior executives will need a good knowledge of the supply chain in order to effectively manage their businesses through the turbulent Global business environment.

In many companies positions and promotions in the supply chain are offered to those who are “best suited” to the position from different departments due mostly to the fact that they are unable to find suitable candidates to fill these positions and promotion from within is the “best of a bad lot” so to speak.

This not only applies to those in Management. Effective distribution in wholesale and retail are essential elements in the supply chain where there is a shortage of those with the knowledge and experience to manage distribution optimally. A certificate in Wholesale and Retail distribution is an ideal qualification to give any employee in the distribution department a foot up when promotion time comes along.

Freight handling and Road transport are two other areas where there is tremendous opportunity for businesses to save costs, optimise logistics and ultimately deliver goods in time, on time, at a lower cost. Every small point in increased efficiency starts a ball rolling that spills over into every other area of the business with a combined increase in efficiency that has the ability to set the company head and shoulders above their competitors. Think about it for a few seconds, if products are being distributed more efficiently it leaves additional capacity available to service more customers. This impacts on the every single person in the organisation from the drivers doing the deliveries to the administration staff processing orders and from the sales department to the accounts department and ultimately senior management.

Why a career in Logistics and the supply chain has not been a career choice of so many is perhaps that students have the idea that a financial analyst, accountant, doctor or lawyer offer them the lifestyle that they aspire to yet so many senior executives have progressed through the ranks and made significant differences to operational effectiveness through the supply chain and are now known as the CEO, Owner etc.

The supply chain is your opportunity to climb the executive ladder faster than those around you, request the information you need to become a qualified supply chain executive and set your career on a hyper trajectory.

If you are not yet convinced that supply chain disciplines demand huge salaries, take a look at these jobs looking to be filled and the salaries being offered. (Taken from careers24.com 14 November 2013)

Supply Chain Specialist – Warehouse
Gauteng | Permanent | R700 000 – R800 000 Per Year
Posted by:
Sensible Recruiting
Posted on:
Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Director: Supply Chain
Gauteng | Permanent | R719 613 – R719 613 Per Year
Posted by:
Ditshaba Human Capital (Pty) Ltd
Posted on:
Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Supply Chain Accountant
Western Cape | Permanent | R240 000 – R300 000 Per Year
Posted by:
Contract Accountants
Posted on:
Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Business Analyst / Consultant [ Supply Chain ]
Western Cape | Permanent | R240 000 – R300 000 Per Year
Posted by:
Key Fin Recruit cc
Posted on:
Monday, November 11, 2013