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logistics in farmingA logistics course will prepare you for an incredibly rewarding career in managing transport, raw materials, wholesale products or consumer products to the consumer directly.

Consider for a moment where the sandwich you are eating, the cold drink you are drinking or the phone you are using came from, what raw materials go into it and how they all got together in the same place at the right time so that you could be sitting here eating, drinking or using it.

In the sandwich we have bread, cold meat, cheese, butter or any combination of fillings. All of these items are from a different set of raw materials that went into it’s make up. The logistics around the bread alone involves the farmer growing and harvesting his wheat and stores it in a silo on his farm, this wheat is transported in the early stage of the logistics chain to the co-op, graded and stored again, the co-op in turn sells it to a wholesaler or flour manufacturer. The wheat is now in the next phase of the logistics chain on it’s way to the flour mill where it is ground and processed and put into bags of different sizes. The flour now enters the logistics chain again en-route to the bakeries or supermarkets. The bakery then processes the flour to produce bread which then enters the next phase of the logistics chain.

It takes some expertise to manage logistics for any product or service and most people never consider this process for anything the use or consume but simply complain about the price. If we consider that every time the product moves or changes, someone needs to make money, it becomes easy to understand why products are so expensive.

The logistics manager manages the transport of the goods or services in the supply chain. The entire process from growing the wheat to you buying or making the sandwich is the supply chain and it is the effective management of the transport logistics in the supply chain that offers companies the opportunity to streamline the process, eliminate costs or maximise effectiveness in order to improve their competitive advantage in the supply chain.

The Logistics courses offered are a complete spectrum of logistics and supply chain management skills, each with an emphasis on the development of the individuals skills in this critical function.

A career in logistics and supply chain management is an incredibly rewarding career which involves human interaction and negotiation, analytical thinking and the use of complex computer models to identify weaknesses or areas of improvement in the supply chain.

Start a career that will have you loving every day at work!