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supply-chainAs Business evolves and begins to rely increasingly on technology, we begin to get a picture of the areas of the business that can be improved. These improvements are critical in to maintain a competitive edge.

Let us discuss some of the ways that technology in the supply chain can help us maintain a comptetitive advantage, or improve our competitiveness.

Firstly, the supply chain is broken down into smaller parts and the performance of each department measured according to a set of rules that will allow the business to achieve its goals.

Any small area of the supply chain that is not perfectly in sync with the rest, offers the potential to, 1. save money, 2. improve on customer service and 3. improve stakeholder returns or any number of other industry specific opportunities for improvement. Running an efficient supply chain has become the charge of CEO’s and COO’s around the World and anyone wanting to improve their chances of advancement in Directorships or senior management positions are well advised to read a degree in Supply chain management.

Every person who holds a degree Supply chain management is in a commanding position when it come to career advancement as big business strives to be more and more competitive in an increasingly global economy. A CEO or COO who understands the nuances of the supply chain and how to tweak it are in high demand around the World.

A BBA (Bacehlor of business administration) in Supply chain management will set you up to understand and run corporations 50 employees and a simple supply chain to Global corporations with 100’s of employees and complex cross border supply chains.

A good candidate for a Supply chain degree is someone who is driven to succeed with very strong negotiation skills. One of the secrets of maintaining a well oiled supply chain is the strength of the supply contracts between the company and its preferred suppliers. A legal background would not go amiss as a foundation for someone wishing to study a degree in supply chain management. By the same token, a good understanding of the costs in the supply chain are an essential part of senior managers, CEO’s or COO’s so a financial degree or qualification would also be highly recommended as a foundation degree.