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supply-chain-managementWhen selecting a course in Logistics and supply chain management you need to decide if you are going to do a more general qualification which would encompass knowledge of the supply chain from planning and finance to distribution and packaging, or you want to become an expert in any single field.

If you already have a qualification in Logistics and supply chain management then it would be very wise to consider doing the BBA program in logistics and supply chain management. Apart from the fact that businesses all over the Globe, but very importantly in South Africa are seeking qualified logistics and supply chain management professionals to help them through various transitions be it the  transition to the online shopping experience that requires a different storage and logistics method or companies expanding into Africa. Each of these many different scenarios requires the skill and knowledge of a qualified Logistics and supply chain management professional to help navigate through the numerous potential pitfalls.

As a supply chain professional you are ultimately responsible for the smooth running of all areas under your influence. For example it is very costly and unproductive to too little raw material entering the plant for optimal processing or a costly excercise of there is too much taw material sitting in storage or exposed to the elements and subject to being damaged/destroyed.

Your Job as the Logistics and supply chain manager, or the director under which the responsibility for the smooth running of the supply chain is your responsibility, is to make sure that every part of the supply chain gets the right people, raw materials, technology etc. at the right time, If you are not running an effective and optimized supply chain, you are costing the company money.

If you would like to know how to be a supply chain professional that head hunters from around the World are hunting, complete the yellow form and start a career that will send you into the stratosphere!