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The Logistics and supply chain management course is a distance learning course divided into modules with outcomes expectations after the successful completion of each module. There is no specific time frame in which each module needs to be completed, however it is important to maintain a steady work ethic for best results. Logistics courses are designed for both full time students as well as those involved in the logistics and supply chain field wishing to ukskill.

Below is an example of what you would be expected to understand after completion of the first module in the Logistics and supply chain management course.

  • Explain the origins, growth and importance of logistics and SCM.
  • Explain the importance of logistics management.
  • Define logistics and SCM and explain the difference between them.
  • Explain the value of logistics and SCM to the organisation, the consumer the internal
  • customer and the economy of the country.
  • Explain the results of ineffective logistics management.
  • Define the term management .
  • Explain the four management functions (activities).
  • Explain the three main levels of management and the characteristics of each.
  • Explain the place of logistics and SCM in the organisational structure.
  • Explain the basic flow of goods from source to final consumption.
  • Explain the supplier-customer relationship.
  • Explain the six customer requirements.
  • Explain the value chain and Porter’s value chain framework.
  • Explain the supply chain.
  • Explain the customer chain.

In order to progress to the second module or study session you would need to complete worksheets and answer questions relating to the course material in session 1 and attain a pass.