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The decision to study a part time diploma in Logistics and supply chain management is a huge decision for anyone who is currently working. The desire to move your career forward is foremost in your mind, yet you may be worried about the how the workload of the part time course will impact on your family life, your work life and of course your social life.

Any way you look at it, taking a part time course in logistics and supply chain management is going to require sacrifice on your part. Discuss the matter with your family first, giving them an idea of what you are going to be required to do in order to study and pass the course. It is seldom that a family will not want you to further your career and improve your employment and salary prospects, it is when family are not consulted that it often becomes an issue.

Talk to your employer about your desire to improve your skills in logistics and supply chain management by taking a part time course. This will not only inform them of your desire to improve yourself, but could possibly result in an offer of financial assistance. This is important to consider, because the last thing your employer wants is for you to be lured away by a competitor or another company once you are employed. Often a offer of financial assistance by your company to study part time will be accompanied by an agreement to remain at the company for a few years.

Then lastly, have a conversation with yourself about your dreams and desires. Furthering your education with a part time course in logistics and supply chain management can have such a profound impact on your future work prospects. Knowledge and education have a further impact on any persons life who has attained a new skill by giving confidence and a confident person exudes a can do attitude which will be noticed by everyone in your life, from your wife and kids, girlfriend or friends and most importantly, by your employer.

Part time courses in Logistics and supply chain management include either of the three following courses.

  • BBA in logistics and supply chain management
  • Diploma in logistics and supply chain management
  • Higher certificate in logistics management

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