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INTEC is a market leader in distance learning with over a 100 year history which began in 1896 in Pensylvania. 10years later, in 1906 worldwide enrollments exceeded 850 000 including students in South Africa. Today, INTEC offers over 350 courses covering a wide range of subject matter.

INTEC courses offer the learner the ability to further their education while employed allowing learners to constantly improve their skill sets, make them more attractive employees in the job market and to continue earning while they learn.

INTEC’s courses are constantly being adapted to meet the cultural and academic needs of learners, reflect the changing needs of business and offer financing options to assist learners to improve themselves.

Studying online or distance learning is a challenging way to study that requires dedication and commitment. Teachers and lecturers are not there to check that learners are applying themselves or doing the reading and assignments. This however does not mean that you are alone, educators and mentors are as close as a phone call or email away and are able to assist wherever needed. INTEC is comitted to improving the level of educaion in South Africa and through the distance leaning model have been tremendously successful.

Course material is broken down into modules with the required reading material, assigments and exercises that need to be completed.

Certain courses, like this Logistics and supply chain management diploma course require written examinations to be completed and passed. Other courses require assigment submission with a competency level required to receive the certificate, diploma or to graduate.

Each module is broken down into study sessions detailing the prescribed reading and the topics covered, with a clear indication of what you will understand at the end of the study session. The study sessions usually end with an assigment to test the level of understanding.

Lessons and study material are provided with clear and concise instructions as well as having the mentors and educators available to deal with any issues.

Start studying now, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

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