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warehusingManaging the wholesale supply chain and retail distribution supply chain is becoming more important as we progress. For Exmaple, online businesses work in what was a traditionally wholesale type environment with warehouses of stock that needs to be sent out, while at the same time being a retail outlet needing to deal with customers on a daily basis.

This is one example of the importance of upskilling in the Wholesale and retail distribution environment. There are many such examples which have lead to more sophisticated ways of managing stock and the warehouse.

In this national certificate course, you will learn the following skills

  • Moving, packing and maintaining stock in the distribution warehouse;
  • Marking and maintaining merchandising displays and layout;
  • Safety and housekeeping standards;
  • Picking stock in a distribution warehouse;
  • Transactions and procedures at a Point of Sale (POS);
  • Call centre operations within a commercial environment;
  • Verbal and written communication skills; and
  • Mathematical principles and situations.

The National skills development strategy identified the Wholesale and retail industry as lacking in skills and has tasked the SETA’s with developing the necessary skills from within to fill vacant positions in the sector.

Managing warehousing and stock is a vitally important function that all levels of management rely on for the smooth functioning of the business.

Become an asset to your organisation by obtaining the skills that will help improve the efficiencies in the supply chain, putting yourself in a better position for employment and advancement opportunities.

Admission Requirements

Ability to Communicate at NQF Level 1
Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 1
Learners entering into this qualification are assessed on each of these learning areas.


Primary SETA accreditation – ETDP SETA no 0231
Skills Development Provider through the QCTO: QCTO Nated/13/0001
Extension of scope accreditation with W&RSETA Provider A/C code: 76

Duration: 1 year

The successful applicant will be skilled in both wholesale and retail operations with a good communication skills, have a good grasp of the technology involved and have team experience.