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transport management diplomaIn the Transport and supply chain management faculty, this National Diploma course  is a fantastic foothold into the exciting World of Logistics and supply chain management which will effectively set you on the right path to senior management and directorship withing an organization.

The first year or so of the course will see you focus on business aspects of the supply chain, giving you an understanding of Business Management, Accounting skills, Marketing, Computing in the logistics and transportation field and a thorough understanding of employment regulations.

Your second year will see you focus more on the Transportation aspect and the logistics areas of study whicle furthering your business management skills.You will also start to understand the importance of storage and it’s relationship with transportation and the overall supply chain. This course is a very thorough diploma course in my opinion which will put you in a position to jump in at the deep end so to speak.

If you have good interpersonal and communication skills, you path to the top will be made a whole lot easier.

Your last year of study for a national diploma in transportation management sees further focus on business management skills and the last of the modules in transport, logistics and operations.

With the National Diploma in Transportation Management your career path could go in many directions with your entry point and the start of your career in a high demand area of business today. As companies are forced to compete on a more glabal playing field with ever more demanding customers, the transport and logistics area of the business is an area that, if run smoothly can mean the difference between good service and exceptional service.

With your understanding of the processes and your management capabailities, improving service levels and improving efficiencies in the supply chain need not cost more, but could cost less and have the benefit of improved service levels.

All of this effectively translates into bigger market share and higher profitability for the business, which in turn means your career path is on an upward trajectory.

Get started, request information on a career and a future in the logistics and transportation management fields.