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To study supply chain management is to invest in your future

study supply chain managementOf all the professions, supply chain management professionals are among the most sought after in business all over the world, but in South Africa in particular. Studying supply chain management and choosing a career as a supply chain manager is not for the lazy or feint hearted. Supply chain management is in incredibly demanding career choice that carries a lot of responsibility.

What attributes should I have to study supply chain management?

A good supply chain manager needs to be able to plan well, have a good head for numbers, be responsible for his/her actions, have an innovative streak and work very well under pressure.

Having studied supply chain management, you will find yourself depending upon and being depended upon by other managers in the supply chain as well as senior management. You will be required to plan everything from sourcing raw materials, to transport management, delivery on time, in time, at the right place and everything in between. This may sound far reaching but as a respected manager in your companies supply chain, a wrong call or supplier who is unable to deliver on promises will land on your shoulders to sort out.

Having studied supply chain management you will never throw up your hands and say “this is not my fault”, everything that goes well or wrong in the supply chain is your responsibility and it MUST run smoothly. An inefficient supply chain can mean the difference between profts of losses, staying in business or going out of business.

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The supply chain manager will report to senior management in finance, operations and at board level.

Study supply chain management by starting with a diploma course or a certificate course in some of the key areas of the supply chain. Here are a few course ideas to get you started along a career path to Supply chain manager.

  • National certificate in Road Transport
  • National certificate in freight handling
  • National certificate in wholesale and retail operations
  • National certificate in wholesale and retail distribution
  • Higher certificate in logistics management

If you already have experience in and wish to now move your career ahead with a 3 year diploma or degree course, there are the following courses.

  • BBA in logistics and supply chain management
  • Diploma in logistics and supply chain management
  • Higher certificate in logistics management

The supply chain is the most critical part of any organisation and the managers of the different areas of the supply chain need to be able to shoulder the responsibilities.

It is for this reason that supply chain managers often find themselves on the boards of large corporations.