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foodDuring the soccer World Cup the massive influx of visitors, estimated to be as much as 20 times that of the rugby world cup pose significant challenges to South Africa’s logistics and supply chain management industry.

Apart from transporting these visitors to their destinations on a daily basis, they need to be accommodated, fed, entertained and kept safe. The logistics in each area of the supply chain presents many challenges and in this article we will look at the challenges involved in transporting the enormous amounts of food to feed these visitors.

At the height of the tournament:

30 million meals will be consumed by visitors daily
13 000 tons of beverages will be consumed by visitors daily

Additional transportation requirements:

26 000 pallets containing food and beverage products daily
1 300 vehicle loads daily

Deliveries to Hotels and fast food outlets at the stadiums will need to be very well managed with the possible falloff in deliveries to retail outlets assisting in freeing up vehicles.

The logistics and supply chain manager needs to monitor customer demands on a constant basis, reassigning vehicles to the areas of highest demand and all the while being mindful of the relationships with long standing customers.


Qualified driver availability
Stringent FIFA requirements regarding branded vehicles entering sites
Single onsite logistics provider
Packaging formats
Distances to remote sites

While vehicles are on the road and in constant use, the level of service required by support services like vehicle servicing companies and in-house service staff need up to the minute management.

Contracts and service level agreements need to be concluded with reliable service providers to ensure that the demands of the customer are met. The responsibility falls on the supply chain manager to ensure that the services required to keep the fleet of vehicles in good working order and delivering on time every time.

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