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scmThe supply chain offers a tremendous variety of positions and working environments across all industries. SCM plays a vital role in cost controls and as well as customer satisfaction and the positions available to SCM graduates, dependent on past experience will deal with logistics, marketing and manufacturing staff, Good communication and negotiating skills will ensure that your advancement in the company you choose to work for will be swift and rewarding.

As a SCM graduate your functions are likely to start out in logistics and as your skills become evident the sky is literally the limit. Some of the SCM job descriptions available to you would be, Commodity Buyer, Head Of Procurement, Head Of Supply, Implementation Manager, Inventory Manager, Supplier Manager, Supply Chain Planning Manager. Companies from mining and manufacture, retail and transport all require good supply chain management as critical positions in the effective operation of their businesses.

To illustrate the importance of SCM, below is an excerpt from a Gold mining companies SCM Mission to ensure that the job applicant understands fully what the mining company expects from the position of procurement and supply chain manager.

“The Procurement and Supply Chain discipline (PSC) mission is to ensure that the mining operations and other clients get the appropriate quality goods and services at the right place and time in order to enable them to mine gold safely and profitably.”

This clearly illustrates the importance placed on the position available and of course with great responsibility comes great reward. SCM opens doors all the way up the corporate ladder as well as offering self employment opportunities. Self employed SCM graduates with experience have the opportunity to consult to firms, for example as a procurement consultant or purchasing consultant. Specializations in any area of the Logistics and supply chain management functions will see your career take off and your skills being sought after by many companies.

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