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Logistics forms part of every industry from coffee production and office interior design to the airline services industry and military and everything in between. Logistics in the music industry, particularly for touring bands and musicians offers an incredibly exciting working environment that will see you dealing with the needs of “special needs” musicians who will only drink water bottled at source from a glacier, to hand reared sea urchins from Australia and toilet paper from Indonesian factories that use 100% recycled paper and no child labour. (these are just some of the types of strange requests you can expect as a music industry logistics expert)

The logistics in the music industry is incredibly demanding and hence requires an extraordinary skill in sourcing unusual items, being able to transport very expensive and sensitive music equipment, and even more sensitive musicians and their entourages.

In logistics careers in the music industry, there is no room for errors and the tight schedules are likely to keep you up at night tracking every piece of equipment, personnel, food and drink items 24 hours a day in the lead up to a concert. Logistics careers in the music industry is an example of how specialised a career in logistics can become and how invaluable you can make yourself to a business that puts on concerts and caters to the needs of the music industry.

There is no dedicated degree in logistics and supply chain management for the music industry and perhaps there should be but for the moment, if you love the excitement and energy of the music industry and not a musician, a logistics career in the music industry could be your pathway to living your dream of working in the music industry. Logistics in the music industry will see you using every aspect of a degree/diploma in logistics and supply chain management with the following being just some of the functions and services you will be called upon to arrange, manage and deliver on.

worldwide airfreight

Sea ground freight both local and international

Local pick-up and delivery of people and equipment at short notice


Cargo assembly at port of entry and exit

Customs clearance in multiple countries

Passenger air charter

Insurance and compliance services

Dealing with Government regulations affecting international shipments.

When you look at the list of functions and services you will be required to deliver on it becomes evident that you will need to establish a network of reliable service providers around the world who specialise in logistics in the musc industry or understand and commit to timelines for extremely demanding customers who are likely to change things on a whim.

If you are the type of person that is extremely well organised, have a desire to work in the film industry, vcan operate with little sleep and work under extreme pressure at times, then there is little that will beat a career like logistics in the music industry. You will need a thorough understanding of all aspects of the supply chain and the logistics involved in every transport form to start you career as a logistician in the music industry.