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supply-chainThe logistics and supply chain management function in companies both large and small is a critical function in today’s competitive business environment. A cost efficient supply chain can make all the difference to the company’s bottom line and its ability to retain contracts.

Lets face it, people want things cheaper and delivered faster every day. We are in a fast moving world with customers demanding a higher level of service delivery than ever before.

The function of the logistics and supply chain management team is to meet the customer’s needs in the quickest possible time, at the lowest possible cost without compromising quality.

By attaining a diploma in Logistics and supply chain management you will be adding value to the supply chain, saving the company money and making yourself an invaluable member of the team. Supply chain management is not a profession for the faint hearted, you will be dealing with customers and suppliers worldwide who are very demanding and will find yourself under enormous pressure from time to time.

Qualified, motivated and committed logistics and supply chain management staff are in very short supply throughout the world as companies place more and more emphasis on customer and supplier satisfaction.

In many companies, late product or materials delivery would attract large penalties or mean significant work slowdowns in certain industries and as the LSCM it is your job and responsibility to ensure that the product arrives at its destination on time every time and at the lowest possible cost.

A career in Logistics and supply chain management does not mean that you are limited to transport and logistics companies. Your employment opportunities are literally endless, from relief organizations to FMCG and chip manufacturers; every company needs an efficient supply chain to maximize profitability.

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