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career in lscmSkills shortages in South Africa is what every new matriculant should be searching for. In areas where there is a skills shortage there exist fantastic employment opportunities for those who want to get ahead in life and the supply chain disciplines including logistics offer many employment opportunities for newly qualified people.

Too often we hear about qualified people unable to find work in South Africa and these include people who have degrees and in many cases post graduate degrees and master degrees. To put it very simply, these people have studied in areas that there is no demand for their skills which has resulted in them being highly qualified (sometimes over qualified) and yet still unable to find work.

Logistics and supply chain management and all of the functions along the supply chain offer tremendous opportunities for those who are hungry to start working.

The fully accredited, private Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (ILSCM)  offers excellent accredited qualifications at all levels of logistics and supply chain management which will give you an excellent leg up into the job market with a skill/s that business in South Africa is crying out for. Right now, there are approximately 130 000 logistics managers required by businesses in South Africa, Would you like one of these jobs? Logistics and supply chain management is a good space to look for a career that is interesting, rewarding and that offers the learner a world of opportunity.

Get qualified in an area that there are jobs available!

By virtue of the diversity of the Supply chain, you will be exposed to so many different career paths that may just turn out to be your passion and we know that when we work with what we are passionate about, there is no such thing as “Work”