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specialist-logisticsA career in Logistics and supply chain management offers such a diverse range of job opportunities that it is an excellent choice to begin your working life in. Each area of Logistics allows you to specialise and offer a company the expertise that would be equivelent of an honours degree, only in areas that do not traditionally offer honours degrees in.

I am referring to skills that are required in the vast majority of businesses but which skills are not readily available and hence the employers accept applicants with more general qualifications in the hope that they will quickly grasp the more specialised are in the logistics firld that needs attention in their business.

  • These areas of specialization would include
  • Applied Data analysis in the supply chain
  • Supply chain management strategies
  • International (cross border)transport management
  • Global Procurement management

Many of these courses do not fall under specializations in Logistics management or supply chain management but are to be found in business schools around the world.

Supplementing your education for specialization in logistics and supply chain management with courses in any of the following areas would also give you a foot up in the employment arena.

  • Business Law
  • Management accounting
  • statistics
  • economics

As we have mentioned in previous discussions, the COE, COO and senior management positions of the future will be populated by people with a thorough understanding of Logistics and the supply chain due mainly to the increased globalization of the Worlds economies.

Specialist logisticians and supply chain experts have the enviable position of being in touch with the heartbeat of the business, interacting with customers and suppliers across the supply chain. It is this that makes the specialist Logistics and supply chain management professional an indispensable part of senior management in companies across the globe.

  • Do you have what it takes to step into the shoes of a Logistics and supply chain management professional?
  • Are you ready to accept huge responsibilities and have a direct impact on the companies bottom line?
  • Do you relish the thought of managing people and processes across continents?
  • Do you really want to be a CEO or COO of a company?

If your passion to succeed in the business world is great enough, start a career in logistics and supply chain management and over the years specialise in an area that stands out for you and provides the stimulation for you to have an enjoyable, fruitful career.