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logistics careerThe field of Logistics has been widely acclaimed as the most important field of experience that any senior manager could have and more often than not, is one of the first steps into a career that a senior manager makes.

Remember, logistics is involved in every aspect of business, from the incoming raw materials and movement within the factory/plant to the outbound logistics which moves the products to wholesalers and end users. Almost Every single aspect of a product life cycle involves logistics.

Many companies do not hire logisticians, preferring to outsource to experienced companies who are then also responsible for the delivery and performance, sometimes with penalties and bonuses attached to performance. The use of outsourced skills is partly due to the lack of competent skilled people to employ full time in a job that is of such critical importance to the profitability of the company.

With this in mind, here are the top 8 reasons to make a career change to logistics and supply chain management.

1. Many Employment opportunities from entry level to senior management

The global economy is spawning new opportunities in logistics all the time. From outsourcing and independent experts, to in-house opportunities, growth in jobs in the logistics field is estimated to grow by as much as 26% in the next 10 years. This is far above any other field.

2. Higher demand for your skills means higher salary packages.

As the demand for qualified and competent logisticians grows, so will your bargaining power when it comes to salary negotiations improve. The sooner you get a logistics qualification the better. In SA the average salaries of Logistics management is over R500K/annum and to give an example of the USA, top logisticians in Washington for example are on salary packages over $96 000/annum in 2015. This is a very high salary!

3. Logistics offers job availability for all education levels

It is important to have a vision wether you are a driver/forklift operator or a transport manager, you are part of the logistics chain and with this in mind, you have a logistics ladder that can be climbed by improving your skills.

4. Logistics training is often subsidised by companies and the State

Logistics and the supply chain skills have been identified by th SA government as a skill that is essential to meet the growth plans for the country and is therefore a priority for upliftment.

5. Opportunities to advance are plentiful

As logistics and supply chain management become increasingly improtant to the overall profitability of a company, so the skill sets acquired by the employees providing this competitive advantage become more saught after. Logistics has the ability to make or break a company, bear that in mind when it is salary negotiation time.

6. Excitement and pressure are part of the job

You will never sit twiddling your thumbs in logistics. There is always something going on, a problem to sort out, a truck to repair, a driver to help, a supplier to negotiate with, a factory manager to help keep production or track or any number of things. Logistics is fun and exciting and not for the weak or complacent. If you want a career that will get you ahead and offer you days full of activity, then logistics is for you.

Whether you are looking to improve your advancement prospects, are looking for a new career that offers more, or are bored in your current job, logistics offers something for everyone.

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