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logistics-career-opportunitiesOLG is the learning institution offering Logistics Courses in South Africa. OLG is an accredited institution which offer a certificate course, a diploma course and a BBA degree in Logistics and supply chain management.

As a career choice, logistics and supply chain management offers successful candidates an incredible array of work opportunities both in South Africa and abroad.

As consumers have become more and more dependent on technology for their every day functioning, the lines between countries and continents have become blurred. The Internet has effectively brought every possible product/service from anywhere in the World, right into your own back yard.

Today we are able to order anything from almost anywhere in the World and in a matter of hours or days it will be delivered to your doorstep, and it is the function of logistics and supply chain professionals to ensure that raw materials to make the products are delivered to the manufacturers in time, on time. It is also the function of logistics and supply chain management professionals to ensure that the quality is checked and the finished product delivered to stores or consumers around the World.

This is a very simplistic view of the importance of logistics and supply chain professionals but serves to illustrate the vast array of functions and competencies that the job offers. You could be negotiating raw material deliveries and prices, you could be the warehouse manager or the transport manager, you could be the logistics manager or the International shipping consultant. Every aspect of the supply chain needs skills that are evolving and it is tjose that have acquired those skills that will be on their way to the top.

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Every so often we hear about careers that have a shortage of qualified people to fill and Logistics and supply chain management qualifications are in serious demand in South Africa, so get started, request the course information and put your career on the right trajectory, Logistics and supply chain management positions are opening up every day.

The Logistics and supply chain management field has been dominated by men and any women looking for a career that will offer excellent employment opportunities and top Dollar salaries in South Africa or anywhere in the World for that matter.