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logistics courses onlineLogistics courses are not confined to transport related functions as many people believe. The Logistics function ectends far beyond, fleet management and transport management into logistics courses that cover most aspects of the supply chain.

Let us start with a definition of Logistics: The overall management of the way resources are obtained, stored and moved to the locations where they are required.

By it’s very definition logistics includes, purchasing management, stores and warehouse management, transport and fleet management and everything else in between. Logistics courses offer the prospective student the ability to start out in a career and branch out, extend your knowledge in any of the many directions that you may be presented with by taking specialist logistics courses in any of the individual areas that are either of most interest or present an opportunity.

It is always a good idea to start out with a general qualification like the diploma in logistics and supply chain management as the first of your first logistics courses. This will give you a good idea of where you true talent and passion lie by exposing you to all aspects of logistics.

Once you have determined the direction that ou wish you career to take, it is possible to do additional logistics courses to enhance your knowledge in that area or, as with so many who find their passion in the Logistics field, the management of the entire supply chain becomes an attainable goal, no matter where you started out.

The following two courses are designed for the aspiring student who is either beginning his studies or is working in the supply chain and needs a qualifying logistics course for advancement.

Diploma in Logistics and supply chain management >>

Higher Certificate in Logistics management NQF 5 >>

OR, for those who are already qualified and looking for a degree course in logistics for the final sprint into senior management and directors positions.

BBA in logistics and supply chain management >>

Each of the above logistics courses are accredited and promoted by the Institute for Logistics and supply chain management in South Africa. The Open Learning group runs the courses and provides the certification.

Start your career with a logistics course that will catapult you into the exciting world of Logistics and supply chain management, open doors to working in companies around the globe and offer you a career that will never be boring.

Logistics courses offer an unparalleled opportunity for students who wish to get a foothold in large companies and for those already working, offers the ability to fast track your career. Logistics is one of the Worlds fastest growing areas and has a lack of experience and qualified personnel to provide the energy and innovation to make the differences that are so badly needed.