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The Open Learning Group (OLG) provides training in the form of distance learning as well as face to face short courses. The available courses range from NQF level 2 to NQF level 7.


The academic qualifications are the following:

Open Learning Group Courses

OLG-logoThe Open Learning Group talks to business to determine the skills shortages in the industry and then designs accredited programs to help fill the gaps and is an extremely important part of the skills development program. The most important factor to consider is that the training programs or courses that you attend through the OLG will provide you with the skills and knowledge that the Supply chain management sector is in need of.

Every industry has a complex supply chain and in each industry the skills required to effectively manage and optimize the supply chain would be similar, with some industries requiring more skills in transport, some in warehouse management or some in information system design.

Either way you look at it, Logistics and supply chain management is a critical area that allows businesses to remain competitive and the skills required in the different parts of the supply chain are becoming ever more important.

Make an informed career move and upskill yourself in an area of the supply chain that you are interested in or take a supply chain management course to improve your skills and knowledge and make yourself a critically important part of the business process.

The pinnacle of Logistics and supply chain management is the BBA degree in Logistics and supply chain management which is a post graduate degree that will have you in demand the world over.

Accreditation and associations:

Open Learning Group (Pty) Ltd is accredited as a QCTO Skills Development Provider: QCTO NATED/13/0001 | SETA provider with extensions of scope at both W&RSETA.

TETA transport education and training Authority | W&R SETA | SASTALC Southern Africa Shippers, Transport and logistics Council | SAPICS | The Chartered institute of Logistics and transport.