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supply chainSupply chain management provides a wide range of work opportunities be it in supply chain domain only or it could be connected to a broader supply chain. Companies were asked what the 3 skills are that they look for most in a Supply chain manager or senior position in the supply chain.

If you want to study supply chain management or if you are already working in this area, it is a very good thing to know what kinds of skills companies are looking for in the supply chain management professionals, so pay attention. This article could make the difference between a good job interview or a great job interview.

These are actually what companies are looking for, so if you are a bit shaky in any of these areas, put in some time and effort to improve in these areas and your chances of getting a senior position as a supply chain manager will be far better than most.

Great analytical thinkers with planning abilities

Any person in supply chain management who wants to be successful need to have strong analytic problem solving capabilities.  They also need to be-able to turn data into constructive information, particularly by leveraging big data opportunities.  A person must also have a clear picture of the end to end supply chain management as well as the decisions that the upstream make and how they affect the supply chain management downstream.

Good people skills

Any manager needs good people skills but the supply chain personnel management skills need to be exceptional. The extreme pressure that supply chain managers work under can make or break a Manager.

People working in the supply chain management division have to be able to communicate and work together with people across all areas in the supply chain. They should also be effective in developing mutual relationships with all cultures, genders and personality types.  They should also be very effective in communicating complex issues, gain buy-in from the stakeholders and they have to be confident in their decision making.

Having good execution skills

Supply chain managers should project a hands on attitude, this means that they will have to be able to decide what is needed and then without being told by anyone, make decisions and then take the necessary action.  It is sad to say that too many times decisions are made but then they are not executed properly.  Efficient planning and project management skills are of great importance to have in order to drive plans forward and getting the required results that are both timely as well as cost-effective.

The skill that is the most important

Even though the above mentioned skills are obvious, they are essential to supply chain managers to assess their own capabilities across each one.

But some say that the most important skill any supply chain management can have is knowing how the company makes their profit and the absolute understanding how effective supply chain management is in contributing to the end result above and beyond the purchase price reduction.

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